Are there resources for Concordian dialect

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Are there resources for Concordian dialect

Unread postby Ner Jate'kara » 15 Oct 2017 05:10

I was rewatching the Mandalore plot arc in clone wars and i noticed a mando sayimg some things i recognized and some i didnt, later it wss revealed that it was the Concordian dialect spoken, you guessed it, on Concordia.
This is what i think i heard from the deathwatch guy.

calhava bru'chun Dralshye'ran

Se solu, se kad, se darasuum kote.

kadi, se norm'iim.
(One of these is from Satine)
 ki, kadi norm'iim.

Now obviously some of this hasnt changed from normal mando'a, like Dralshye'ran, is similar to Dralshy'a meaning stronger or brighter, the second line possibly, the One, the saber, the eternal glory, meaning the leader(vizsla) and the darksaber,

but i dont have time to finish my guess at what this is because my phone is dying and power went out, but my question is, are there any places where we have concordian dialect resources so things like this can be translated? Anyway thats all, i may continue if power returns.
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Shi ner jate'kara
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Re: Are there resources for Concordian dialect

Unread postby Vlet Hansen » 04 Mar 2018 20:33

Not that I'm aware of, they didn't develop it very far.
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