Regarding constructed things

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Regarding constructed things

Unread postby Vlet Hansen » 19 Jul 2017 15:03

I was at work the other day wondering how I would say "leafblower" (apologies to all of you making infinitely larger expanded vocabularies as I suspect you already have and I missed it) and I came to suspect a possible pattern:

Goyust means a road, as in a path that has been specifically engineered.

Solegot is a computer, as in the engineered thing that does the counting.

For, say, a leafblower or a fan, perhaps we could construct it like this: the machine doing the blowing is a woore'got, and the wind it generates is a gowoor.

This general pattern can be applied to most anything involving machines that do things.

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Re: Regarding constructed things

Unread postby Adi'karta » 13 Oct 2017 16:58

Sorry for the (very) late response.

That is an incredibly astute observation. Upon reading your post, I searched the dictionary and it seems as though go (from gotal) is indeed used consistently in such a fashion, and despite that word root existing, that pattern never occurred to me.

Your construction of woore'got (though I would have just gone with woor'got, as the e in solegot I believe to come from the e in soletar "count") as "wind-maker" is perfectly logical and I support it, though the same word could apply to a common household fan or a vacuum cleaner or a politician.

I think gowoor might be unnecessary, however, as we don't tend (at least in English) to distinguish between artificial and natural wind. It's just wind.

As for your interpretation of solegot, I would lean more towards the computer being a thing that "does" or "makes" counting (just as I would call a construction worker a yaim'got and a swordsmith a kad'got).
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