Briikase Evaar'la Simir! Happy New Year!

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Briikase Evaar'la Simir! Happy New Year!

Unread postby Raeth » 31 Dec 2013 22:50

Oya, ner vod! Briikase Evaar'la Simir! Happy New Year! (well, many hours away yet, but I work tonight; so...)

New Year is my favorite time of the year, a time of celebration, introspection, and renewed hope and goals - Cin Vhetin!

Whether I accomplish them or not, I do love me some New Year's resolutions. If nothing else, it gives me goals to aim for and reminds me of the things that are most important to me. So, without further ado, my New Year's Resolutions for 2014:

1. I will spend even more time with my children, doing more activities, building memories of family to last a lifetime, and doing things that get us out of the home more.
2. I will find a new job. Enough said.
3. I will work on my own rayshe'a'nare (5 Things of Doing; think Mando'ade Resol'nare, but my own personal credo): Mental Discipline, Physical Discipline, Family Nurturing, Resource Management (clean up the home, pay down the bills!!!), and P.A.R.* my goals (Planning, Action, & Reaction).
4. I will continue to learn and use Mando'a daily, while also maintaining my studies/use of Japanese, German, Russian, and Spanish. ("Because knowledge and a sharp tongue also belong in a Mando's arsenal.")
5. I will continue to lose weight, moderate my diet, and exercise to increase my strength, flexibility, and stamina.
6. I will continue to work towards being an active member of my favorite communities (, Mandalorian Mercs, and others), contributing my time, willingness to help, financial support when able, and spread the word and passion of Mando'a and the Mando'ade to new friends and members.
7. I will build my beskar'gam.
8. I will take at least one trip somewhere fun this year, be it back to Japan, over to the cities for shopping, or even to a MMCC event.
9. I will return to my creative interests and shake the rust of my sklils, be it drawing, writing, or music.
10. I will regularly make use of actual physical correspondence to reconnect with friends I have made around the world.

OK, 10 resolutions seems a good gaggle of challenges for myself. So... on with the New Year! Oya Manda! K'oyacyi, ner vod! Briikase Evaar'la Simir!
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Re: Briikase Evaar'la Simir! Happy New Year!

Unread postby Vlet Hansen » 01 Jan 2014 01:51

Shi adate kotep luubid...
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