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Minas: Dawn of Honesty (D&D 5e adventure)

Unread postPosted: 22 Oct 2016 15:02
by Tempest
A few things before we start:

1. Just to be clear, I ask that the adventure is not interrupted. If you wish to participate, notify me and we can discuss possibly running another adventure.

2. Regardless of roleplaying, I ask that players respect the in-game world as they would the real world. Some characters would, say, go around swearing profusely, insulting everybody, or flirting with every NPC, but this is not the game for those characters.

3. I am a loud advocate for sandbox-style games, and they are, by far, my favorite. That said, this is a written adventure path, though there are many possible methods of solving the challenges your characters will face.

Just to be clear:
I will use bold text to indicate speech.
Out of character, I will use italics.
When I am writing descriptions, I will just use the normal font.

As always, feel free to PM me with your thoughts or constructive criticism.

Tempest as DM
Belandrie as Xir, Human Ranger (lvl.1)

Re: Minas: Dawn of Honesty (D&D 5e adventure)

Unread postPosted: 22 Oct 2016 15:35
by Tempest
You live in the city of Minas, over a square mile large and cut off from the rest of the world by a huge wall. Well-off Elves and hardworking Humans call Minas their home, along with ill-favoured Half-elves and energetic Wildlings. Wildlings are nimble-built humanoids with triangular furred ears atop their heads and sometimes even tails. They are full of life, playing hard and working hard while having a great time. Half a century ago, many of the People of the Land (any being satisfied with a safe but mediocre life) felt the Awakening and left their routines to become Adventurers, the Awakened Ones, and assemble various guilds.

Before you, the Guild Building stands 100 feet tall and 600ft wide. Built with green crustwood (wood boards covered in rough, strong moss), and adorned with many simple glass windows, this construction fits in rather unsurprisingly with the assortment of boldly designed establishments in the Trade District. Somewhere inside is the guild you were invited to, called Honesty.

Re: Minas: Dawn of Honesty (D&D 5e adventure)

Unread postPosted: 23 Oct 2016 09:04
by Belandrie Meave
Not sure if I'm allowed to 'see' things the DM didn't put there, so I'm playing this safe.

Not seeing a door, I step a little closer to the building, studying the texture of the walls and the lay of the boards. I am careful not to touch anything, though - even though I was invited here, I have no reason not to expect a trap, or at the very least a test. Slowly, I make my way around the building, keeping my hand firmly on the hilt of my sword. At the corner, I halt, and jump up to try and see in at one of the windows. I can't see anything clearly, though, so I crouch down to make my silhouette less obvious, and peer around the corner of the guild building.

Aaaand... I have no idea what I see. Tempest, is this okay?

Re: Minas: Dawn of Honesty (D&D 5e adventure)

Unread postPosted: 28 Oct 2016 23:01
by Tempest
That's fine; the first thing I found out about this kind of thing is that asking questions is hardly ever a bad idea. And, to be honest, I am no pro at this. All of it is about making osik up as you go.

The moss is darker and smoother than most, likely grown over top of the loosely set boards and into the cracks for a snug, possibly soundproof effect that could adjust to moisture changes. The Guild Building, per city laws of public structures, possesses no exterior traps that you can find in the vicinity.

As you examine the building, a good-natured chuckle sounds. Turning, you find a tall, heavily armored young man with ginger-colored hair, more experience in his vivid blue eyes than you expected. His voice is calm and confident, near to arrogance, and he indicates along the wall an oddly set window a few inches taller than the rest. Promptly, he smiles and offers to shake your hand.

Door's right there, odd place for it. You may have seen me running errands for Honesty; my friends call me Crusty. Are you an initiate, too?

Re: Minas: Dawn of Honesty (D&D 5e adventure)

Unread postPosted: 31 Oct 2016 22:52
by Belandrie Meave
Remembering the law, I stop worrying about traps built outside.

Crusty, I repeat slowly. Well, maybe I've seen you, and maybe I'm an initiate.

Leaning across to shake hands, I know I'm a little off-balance, but I can pull away if I need to. I glance at the door, taking in as much as I can in a two-second survey. I pull my short cloak closer around me - even wearing sleeves, I'm uncomfortably aware of the identifying tattoo only partly burned off my arm. My eyes alone are enough to identify me: one green, one brown. Unusual. If this Crusty person has seen me before, he'd probably remember - unless he just doesn't notice details, but you don't survive that long with that much arrogance by not noticing things.

I turn my attention to the 'door' - I've seen enough of my new companion to recognize him again anywhere, I don't need to keep staring. Anyway, I have information to process. He said 'too' - that means either he is an initiate in the Honesty guild, or he has seen others, recently. He runs errands for them, though, so my money, if I had enough to waste on gambling, would be on the latter. He seems friendly enough.

Anything I should know before I go in? I ask lightly. I'm assuming a better-than-even chance he'll lie, but even a lie can be information, once you know it is one.

Re: Minas: Dawn of Honesty (D&D 5e adventure)

Unread postPosted: 05 Nov 2016 02:11
by Tempest
Tip of the day: you can make a check with a twenty sided dice for more in-depth information. If you would like to make an Insight check, you add your sheet's Insight bonus or your Wisdom Modifier; you can also make other checks (I can PM you the list, but it should be easy to find online).

After shaking your hand, Crusty laughs good-naturedly.

Well, it's my understanding a person either is or is not something. I'm an iniate myself after training all my life.

Careful not to appear threatening on account of Xir's caution, he taps his sword hilt twice with his index finger to emphasize his last statement.

Guildmaster Arune is gone on "business", and since I'm acquainted with most everyone in Honesty he gave me our assignment.

Casually, he scans the sparse yet steady stream of passersby.

We're just waiting on our two friends. Ah, there's one, I believe.

It is at this moment that you snap to the realization that a tiny charcoal-furred fennec fox is cautiously peering up at you from a few feet away, sniffing silently.

Insight or Animal Handling? If your character would react without thinking, probably none. Also, if I am being too pushy, let me know; I am just not sure how far is helpful.

Re: Minas: Dawn of Honesty (D&D 5e adventure)

Unread postPosted: 10 Nov 2016 07:02
by Belandrie Meave
Insight check, please - I rolled 11 and the modifier is -1, and no, you're being very helpful!
Well, then, for what it matters, I am. Arune is away, you say? I murmur. I am interested - not concerned, not yet - that Crusty already knows this place, these people, so well. He is an Initiate. I am an Initiate. If this were a contest - if this is a contest; I don't know it's not - he already has the advantage.
I am watching the fox closely, trying to work out what is going on. Our friend? I say. A pleasant change. I can't say I know many fennecs.

Re: Minas: Dawn of Honesty (D&D 5e adventure)

Unread postPosted: 10 Nov 2016 14:44
by Tempest
With a 10, you think Crusty is pretty ambitious but probably is not naturally given to stepping on others to achieve his goals. Also, next time I would recommend specifying what a check is for.

I got the impression he'd be back pretty soon.

Noticing the small creature, Crusty looks like someone on the brink of comprehension.

Are you talking about that?

From behind the little animal, an elven girl looking to be in her early teens scoops it up deftly and swats it-- not harshly-- on the rump. It emits a sound somewhere between a mouse squeak and a dog bark, something like "eep", mostly out of surprise.

Beneath the hood of a near-black purple cloak, you can seemingly see through her soft yellow eyes to the workings of her well-oiled mind. She bows, an elven custom for greetings, farewells, and apologies.

Greetings, I am Lia Eevon and this is Ciciri.

Crusty returns the bow.

Welcome to Honesty, Miss Eevon, I am called Crusty.

The two look towards you, Crusty with a neutral expression and Eevon with a thoughtful gaze colored by a hint of good-natured youth.

I am not sure if Xir has intentionally not introduced himself or not; maybe I missed it. I am really enjoying this so far and I hope you are, too!

Re: Minas: Dawn of Honesty (D&D 5e adventure)

Unread postPosted: 17 Nov 2016 10:34
by Belandrie Meave
Greetings, Lia Eevon. If you have to call me something, you can call me Xir. I bow back, stiffly, then decide it is better to be too polite than too rude, where elves are concerned. There are not elven folk where I am from and I prefer to be cautious about what I don't understand. No way of knowing if the fennec is sentient... or just a fennec. *sentient in the usual SW sense of 'having human intelligence' And greetings, Ciciri. I wonder if Lia Eevon is really as young as she seems - only a few years older than my own daughter - or if the elves age differently. I look at her carefully, hoping to read extreme age or inexperience, childish solemnity or adult calm, behind those enigmatic eyes.
Can I see anything? How often am I allowed to I roll for questions? It's 13 -1 for insight if I'm allowed to.
I feel my mouth twist into a half-smile. And greetings, if that is the proper term, Crusty. You say Master Arune will be back soon? I sense this is the wrong tack. I change. What is our assignment? You said you could tell me when Lady Eevon arrived.
Sorry so much talking! I'm having a ball, I love this.

Re: Minas: Dawn of Honesty (D&D 5e adventure)

Unread postPosted: 19 Nov 2016 04:52
by Tempest
I think just one roll per 'encounter' is probably right. This does not mean I just tell you one thing; this is sort of like an expression of what your character is mainly thinking about.

With your initial roll of 10, you would judge Eevon to be about 13 years old- though much more intelligent than most young teens you know-, and you believe that Ciciri is not likely sentient. I did describe that part a little strangely, sorry.

When you address Ciciri, Eevon's gaze colors with a gentle smile.

Uh, I'm not a Lady. Call me Lia if you like.

She seems relatively shy, but your inclusion of Ciciri seems to have prompted a bit more openness than most acquaintances. Plus, members of Honesty (even initiates) are generally regarded as fairly good people.

To be honest, although I know he's smart, I'm not sure if he understands what we're saying. I haven't heard him talk before.

Animal or not, Ciciri radiates happiness around Lia.

And you are almost positive that Ciciri just gave you a friendly, conspiratorial wink.

Sensing a natural break in the exchange, Crusty gives a thoughtful smile.

I don't have any definite information about where the guildmaster is, just the vague sense I got from Vivian at the office. I'll introduce you when we get back if you like. She's his daughter and if you are as polite with her as you are with us you'll get along just fine.

As for our job, it's not that it's a secret. We're just checking out Old Tim's house. Rumors say the guy was an independent herbalist, no guild. Since he died, the Council of Elders asked Guildmaster Arune to take a look for them after some people reported strange plant life in the place. Whatever that means. I wasn't expecting our little friend, so my statement was a bit off. We're still waiting on one more. Shouldn't be too long.

*laughs* You're saying this to the person who posted ^this huge text^; you're fine. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Re: Minas: Dawn of Honesty (D&D 5e adventure)

Unread postPosted: 23 Nov 2016 10:44
by Belandrie Meave
Cheers, thanks.
Some would call it more brilliant not to speak, Lia, I say softly. Particularly around those not of your own kind, those who might not understand. I am somewhat surprised that a mere child is being included in what could be a risky mission, but perhaps age passes differently for elves.
I am content enough with the assignment - I have some talent in investigation, finding things that don't want to be found - and more than a passing interest in herbology. In the background, I file away the knowledge that these Honesty people find my (to me) unnaturally stiff manners to be appropriate. It will not be terribly comfortable to maintain for long, but perfectly possible. Long enough to get what I need.
That sounds as if it will be interesting, I say. And yes, I thank you, I would very much like to meet Vivian when we return.

Re: Minas: Dawn of Honesty (D&D 5e adventure)

Unread postPosted: 23 Nov 2016 14:52
by Tempest
Wait! Sorry!

Flinging the door open, a young-faced human man with shaggy white hair and a long white coat rushes out to where your party stands.

Everyone else is busy, and I need a favor.

He holds up three small vials: one thick and amber-colored, another pink with rainbows reflected throughout the inside, and the third green and bubbly.

Crusty gives the fellow a look of suspicion closer to amusement than distrust.

Roderick, what are you proposing?

The man, Roderick, looks among you.

Well, I'm not sure what these do, and Julius's study door is closed so I haven't had anybody use poison detection on it. If you use these and report back, I can pay you. The payment would depend on how much detail you can give me. And they may help you to boot. The pink one has healing and regenerative ingredients, the green one was supposed to be a sleep-inducing poison, and the orange one was made from the leftovers.

Ciciri wanders over to Roderick, to his surprise, and proceeds to sniff the liquids. The tiny fox crinkles his nose and makes his mouse-dog noise, near to a "blehg". He seems more disgusted than worried as he shoves his head into Lia's pack and pops out with a modest-sized bit of bread.
At that point, the animal seems blissfully oblivious to the world although you get the sense he is still watching everything as he slowly enjoys his treat.

Lia frowns for a moment before gently swatting the creature's back.


The charcoal-furred fennec sets the bread on his paw, careful not to let it touch the ground, and puts a single paw on Lia's leg with his head slightly tilted.

Lia nods with a smile and as Ciciri attacks the bread she and Crusty look to see what you think.

What do you think: did I spend too much time on the Lia/Ciciri bit?

Re: Minas: Dawn of Honesty (D&D 5e adventure)

Unread postPosted: 26 Nov 2016 02:14
by Belandrie Meave
Sorry, are we using quotation marks now? I don't mind either way, just be nice to know.
I shrug. "I don't mind playing with your potions along with the investigation. Bit of variety. Thank you, Roderick." I take the vials from him and study them. *not sure if I'm allowed to do that but I'm rationalizing it on the basis that taking three vials doesn't require the NPC to do anything so I'm technically only 'moving' Xir. 'The leftovers' sounds worrying - Roderick probably knows Crusty, but not me, and not Lia, and he is giving us what are almost certainly poisons... to 'test'. "Oh - what sort of detail are you looking for?" I ask, and turn to Lia with another question, as Roderick has yet to reply.
"Ciciri seems very polite, Lia. How long have..." I pause to find the right words. While I am used to the concept of ownership of animals, I am growing increasingly certain Ciciri is not property, and cleverer than he lets on. "How long have you been traveling together?"
Maybe a little? It didn't really advance the story, but it was so adorable I didn't mind at all.

Re: Minas: Dawn of Honesty (D&D 5e adventure)

Unread postPosted: 27 Nov 2016 00:57
by Tempest
Haar'chak! Ner osik, vod. Old writing habit. Fixed, now; still bold font.

Seeing your care with the vials, Roderick smiles.

The glass isn't too weak. You'd have to throw 'em to break 'em.

As for detail, well, like I said, the more you tell me the more I pay. It just depends on the effect. If it turns you into liquid, telling me the liquid's color, smell, and other qualities, especially duration of whatever effect will pay more than saying "it was pretty weird".

You can roll [1d20+ Intelligence modifier (and Nature proficiency, if you have it)] to speculate on its probable effects if you like.

You know that he did not say you had to drink them, just observe their effects. You could use one on an enemy...

You also know that Roderick could have chosen to not tell you about the (poison?) one.

When you ask about Ciciri, Lia holds up a small component pouch.

NOTICE: In the game world, magic has nothing to do with demons, IRL or in-game. It is simply a force of nature such as gravity or electricity.

It's a spell. After I became confident with a few cantrips, it was my first. The first time I tried it I summoned a dead frog.

She makes a face.

I was much more careful my second time.

I will do my best to be reasonable about it, then. Maybe I am a little too invested in those two: I always wanted a pet fennec fox when I was a kid. I need to focus, though!

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Unread postPosted: 02 Dec 2016 11:07
by Belandrie Meave
Rolled 14, intelligence +1, Nature +3 - at least that's how I'm interpreting the sheet you sent a while back - to guess what the potions do (It said Int-13 {+1}) and naw, it's fine, Lia and Ciciri are cute.
I nod. Straightforward, then - test, remember some detail. Nothing I haven't done before - admittedly not usually with brightly-colored liquids. A little caution never killed anyone. D'you want these, Crusty, or shall I keep them for now? 'Poison' is vague. Might kill. Might disable. Might not work.
Looking at Lia's pouch, I frown. Ciciri is your... familiar? I am sorry, Lia, I am not familiar with this concept. I have an idea. I don't voice it, just hold it. If Ciciri was 'summoned' by a cantrip, a spell, he is not real in the sense I understand it, so what is to prevent Lia from summoning another animal - or a few - and testing the potions on them? I decide to wait. Until I know how real the fennec is, and how intelligent. And whether he will bite me if he works out what I am thinking. And whether Lia understands magic enough to know what I am thinking anyway.
Are we waiting for anyone else, I ask Crusty, or can we go and investigate this house?
Can I just say I'm finding the whole vials thing great fun? I'm a chemist, so this is right up my street; I'll just have to be careful not to let my job color Xir's outlook too much.

Re: Minas: Dawn of Honesty (D&D 5e adventure)

Unread postPosted: 01 Feb 2017 15:30
by Tempest
Sorry, I made that confusing. Skills (example: Nature) add proficiency (+2 at 1st level) and the relevant attribute (in this case, Intelligence) for a total of +3 Nature.

Crusty casually checks the passersby, leaning to peer down a side street. We'll wait a few minutes longer for him.

Lia pats Ciciri absentmindedly as he checks her sleeve for bread. It would be like I walked through the streets loudly asking if anyone wanted to come adventuring with my party. Most do not respond, too busy or too important to care, but Ciciri opened his door, so to speak, and came to walk beside me.

Crusty straightens to look at you and waits for her to pause before speaking again. I can, if you'd like although you seem to know more about the specifics than I do. Health-types are not too difficult, that one is probably okay, but if someone really has to try that weird one, I am the least likely to suffer from its effects. He crosses his long arms over his chestplate with a 'clack' of metal. I'm not enthusiastic, but my stomach is probably the strongest of all of us.

After another look down the street, he seems near giving up. You think we should try stealth on this job or go brute force into the place? He taps his thick gloves on the hilt of his oversized blade.

I have found it is the "spur-of-the-moment" things, not the elaborate planned things, that turn out to be the most fun. I am really glad you are having fun.