Need your prayers, vode...

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Need your prayers, vode...

Unread postby aren vaal » 14 Mar 2015 01:44

OYA MANDA! A close vod from my Navy days is in need of your prayers. His mother has been hospitalized with severe cardiac symptoms, and will be receiving a pacemaker on Tuesday morning. She is 87 years old.

Any who are so inclined, please include Mrs. Sellers in your prayers.

Vor'entye in advance, ner vode.

Sa kyr'am nau tracyn kad, Vode an!
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Re: Need your prayers, vode...

Unread postby Vlet Hansen » 14 Mar 2015 12:51

Vercopa kaysh jahaal'got!
Shi adate kotep luubid...
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Re: Need your prayers, vode...

Unread postby BlackSwordKirito » 16 Mar 2015 03:09

No sooner said than done, ner vod.
Nynir ni daab, ni n'akaanir; Jurkadir ner vode, bal kyr'am nu'ven'cabuor gar teh ni a'den.

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