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Spirituality, Religion, Mythology

Unread postPosted: 02 Sep 2017 04:29
by Aarlaya
So! I've been thinking about the old legends and pantheon and I've decided to start working up some legends. I just finished (a first draft of, depending on ya'll's feedback) writing out Akaanat'kar'oya and I'll post it separate just for convenience sake. Since the story plausibly originated with the Taungs I only discussed their species creation. I plan on doing another work to explain other species, probably a piece on the discovery of Manda'yaim, and something about the stars and the council of fallen kings. At some point I might even figure out how to sing them in a Maori style.
Some notes on the deities themselves:
The only ones listed are Kad Ha'rangir, Arasuum, and Hod Ha'ran and Mando'ade being the practical people they are, I figured they'd accept three as a decent number and just give each one lots of representations.
Kad Ha'rangir is the god of war and destruction, and I'm also giving him Marriage, Family, Agriculture (if you've ever farmed, you understand why), and Fire.
Arasuum: Sloth, Stagnation, Idle Consumption, and I'm throwing Sleep and Alcohol into the mix- everyone needs sleep and the Mando'ade like their drinks, but too much of either and you ruin yourself.
Hod Ha'ran: First off I'm making this one a goddess; I can't stand the idea that all three of them are male and I like the deviation from the typical male trickster. She is, as mentioned, Chaos and Trickery. I've also decided that Love, Weather, and Childbirth are chaotic enough to count for something, as well as Water (I went back and forth between water and fire for her and Kad Ha'rangir).

So those are my thoughts and intentions; I'll post the story.

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Unread postPosted: 02 Sep 2017 04:30
by Aarlaya
Quick note: This was centred in the Word document, done up like a poem, so this formatting isn't as good. Also, translations are welcome!

When the universe was born there was only Void. All was nonexistence and over the emptiness reined Arasuum, who slept rather than led and who devoured anything that dared to change in an effort to sate his endless hunger. Nothing grew, nothing was built; all was locked into an eternal sameness.

But then, from the very will of life came a spark of resistance and from its flame was born Kad Ha’rangir. Anger by the sloth of Arasuum, he harnessed the fire of life and created the Taung to aid him in a war against his enemy. Outraged, the old god woke from his slumber and made to overtake those who would oppose him.
Arasuum devised temptations for the warriors of Kad Ha’rangir: idle pleasures that destroyed the mind and body, leading a once honourable Taung to leave his righteous path and seek only those things. Yet many preserved. Great were the devices and strategies of both those who claimed right to rule the universe. In their battles the very elements were torn asunder and re-joined, forming the galaxies and all in them.

The war also brought forth Hod Ha’ran, both temptress and warrior who brought with her chaos. Her whims alone oft decided the outcomes of the great battles. For so long did the Great War endure that the Taung began to dwindle in number. Kad Ha’rangir saw this and saw their sacrifices and knew then that for the sake of those who served him so well his war must take a new form.

And so he gathered the dead to him to continue to war in spirit but to those who lived in flesh he gave a world and told them to battle stagnation in their realm: their lives would be battle, a force of change through war. Upon their death, were they valiant and honourable in life, they would re-join his armies and spend eternity at war with their clan by their side.

And so the Taung worked the world they were given, shaping weapons and raising children, awaiting the day that they passed on to the eternal war.

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Unread postPosted: 04 Mar 2018 20:59
by Vlet Hansen
I like where this is going.

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Unread postPosted: 05 Mar 2018 01:24
by Aarlaya
Thanks! Some day when I'm not overwhelmed by life and personally attacked by Hod Ha'ran, I plan on writing one based off the mythology of the discovery of New Zealand related to the Taung migration to Manda'yaim.

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Unread postPosted: 07 Mar 2018 23:04
by Belandrie Meave
Yay! (I'm guessing you mean Kupe rather than Maui?)