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Unread postby Aondeug » 24 Apr 2017 07:14

Bonfires. I'm not sure which of these would fit best with a bonfire, but bonfires or just fire related shenanigans are some of the coolest things holiday wise. Not really sure what meaning the fire might have though is the issue. Like with Gaelpol the bonfire is lit to rekindle the "hearth" in the home and keep your family safe and protected. You also walk around it three times as well. In Theravada Buddhism the fire is instead burnt to symbolize each of the Three Jewels, before you melt down all the candles to make one large candle for the monks. There's a lot of reasons fire gets incorporated into these things. Usually for...purifying or blessing purposes, symbolic reasons, or to honor the dead. Given how important honoring the dead is to them though and that fire is orange and orange is the color of Shereshoy possibly something in that vein?

Also I just think Mandos would find awesome ways to make use of bonfire related shenanigans. Like there's, I think it is Scottish folkpractice, with Bealtainne. Where you jump over the bonfire. Just everyone goes up and jumps over a roaring fire. Barefoot if I recall? And if you get singed you're the one who gets to be "dead" for the rest of the night.

Fire's just rad.
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