Mando Skraan and Recipes

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Re: Mando Skraan and Recipes

Unread postby Aondeug » 24 Apr 2017 07:32

I've always imagined uj cake as being very much like basbousa. They're rather similar in terms of how they're described. A very moist, sticky cake that is heavily spiced and covered in syrup and involves nuts. That's pretty close to what basbousa is. Though basbousa isn't really fruity in my experience. Involves rosewater though.

Shig wise Mandos seem like they'd really get a kick out of chai spice teas? Like individual families would have their spice bases and ideas on how exactly the drink is supposed to be made. That'd be where I'd start with constructing Mando styled tea. Find a way to apply that general idea.

The rice noodle thing meanwhile makes me think of Thai noodle soups. The one is just a very savory broth, but you put in peppers and such to spice it up heavily. There's also curry noodles and Thai curry is very much "it will clear your sinuses out and make you question your life decisions" levels of heat.Though practicality wise you'd have to have access to things like coconut milk and fish sauce for that. Though I imagine that given practicality Mando cuisine would vary a lot based on where exactly they set up shop.
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Re: Mando Skraan and Recipes

Unread postby Vlet Hansen » 25 Apr 2017 04:40

The ingredients might be modular, but the tastes would likely become cultural. Such as the taste for dense grains and spicy foods, those would likely be found regardless of what the local spices are, and there'd probably be "proto-recipes" that get you close to the same thing regardless of location.
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