Mhi Moti'an Solus--We Stand United

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Mhi Moti'an Solus--We Stand United

Unread postby aren vaal » 04 Dec 2014 07:08

Dedicated to the United States Military, and to soldiers everywhere:

Mhi Moti Solus,
Mhi susulu ke'gyce;
Solus Kar'ta, solus runi, solus narser,
Vode An!

Verde Tor mhi,
Akaan'ade Haat mhi,
Kad mav'la mhi,
Vode An!

Tuur tracyn'e akaan hetti dral,
Akaani'an mhi.
Tuur buruk jurkadi,
koti'an mhi.
Tuur buirkan ke'gyce,
Ramaana'an mhi.

Mhi cuy'an a'den be Tor,
Mhi cuy'an Kal be Haat,
Mhi cuy'an Kad be mav'la,
Vode An!
Sa kyr'am nau tracyn kad, Vode an!
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Re: Mhi Moti'an Solus--We Stand United

Unread postby Vlet Hansen » 04 Dec 2014 16:29

Ni ori'aalyc, vod. Vor'e!
Shi adate kotep luubid...
Vlet Hansen
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