"...And that's what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown."

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"...And that's what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown."

Unread postby Cuyan Atinii » 23 Nov 2011 01:01

Luke 2:8-14, King James Version.

8 Bal o’r solu’veeray ru’cuy ulik’alor oyacyi o’r vhetin, hukaat val tsad’ulik adol ca. 9 Bal, haa, nau’ad be’Alor olaro bah kayshe, bal kote be’Alor dral’rud val: bal kayshe ru’cuy chaaba. 10 Bal nau’ad sirbu bah kayshe, “Chaaba’nu:par, haa’taylir, ni olaro’ti miite be ori suum ca’nara, meg ven’cuy par’an. 11 Par bah gar goti ibi’tuur o’r Ori’ya Be’David Tegaanalan, meg’cuy Christ haar Alor. 12 Bal ibic ven’cuy naumiit par’gar; Gar ven’cuy mar’eyi ik’aad o’r morut'yc’kute, diryci o’r kai'agai." 13 Bal jiila ti Nau’ad ru’cuy ori’tsad teh akaan’ade’be’nau ijaat’dinu Alor, bal sirbu, 14 “Kote pah Alor o’r Laamyc’ne, bal bat vheh naak bal mirjahaal at droten.”

    Haa / lo, from haa’taylir / to see and haashun / see-bread
    Nau’ad / angel (light-brother) from their description in Acts 12:7 & Rev 18:1
    Ulik’alor / shepard (animal-leader)
    Tsad’ulik / herd (group of animals)
    Gotir / born
    Tegaanalan / savior (rescuer), from tegaanalir/rescuer
    Morut'yc’kute / Swaddling cloth (safe body suit) kindof a stretch with that one...
    Kai'agai / manger (food-bowl) again, a stretch...
    Akaan'ade’be’nau / Heavenly host (army of light)
    Ijaat’dinu / praise (honor-give)

just used capitalized ‘Alor’ same way KJV used capitalized ‘Lord’
Used ‘kayshe’ for ‘them’, really seems like Im forgetting the word...

Darn you people, all making me think about Christmas before Thanksgiving
Please, if you have a better word choice (or if I mistranslated something...) please let me know
Ni tsikado, ni akaani, ni parji. Ibic be'verd goyust.
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