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Haar Internationale

Unread postby Ge'tal Alii'gai » 06 Jan 2018 06:39

The Internationale is a left-wing anthem with quite a few translations, at least 120 or so. Doing my part, here's a Mando'a translation.

The original version (in French) had six verses, but many of the other translations only use three, and that's what I went with. I based this off a combination of the literal translation of the original on Wikipedia, the American English version, and the British English version. That said, it's still far from a literal translation. I intentionally gave it an archaic, formal feel (no dropped cuyi, infinitive after ke, a few archaic words) because that's a common aspect of Internationale translations for some reason.

I used only the original resources, the original word list and grammar guide, without using any later materials or creating any words (except Internationale itself, which is almost always left untranslated).

I'm sure I got something wrong, please tell me if I did.

Spoiler: show
Be'ne'waadas mirci't ke motir
Skanah! Ke tengaanar gar kot
Jorbe orjore as orar
Ke gotal'ur cuun vencuyot
Ke gotal'ur ruyot lo cin vhetin
Tsad droten! Ke motir!
Uvete jii ven shaadlar ruusare
Mhi cuyi naas. An ven cuyi mhi

|: Ibic cuyi kyr'yc akaan
Ke motir or trat'ade
Haar Internationale
Ven cuyi anade :|

Nu'mhi ven tegaanali te ibic
De manda ra de Mand'alor
Shi mhi ven tegaanali mhi jii
Mhi sirbu bic cuyi mhor
Ibic kyr'amu chakaare
Ibic gotal'ur runise mav
Ke nau'ur kad ti tracyn cuun
Tracyn cuun cuyi bralov

Ibic cuyi kyr'yc akaan...

Ke'nu akaanir par Alore
Alore cuyi aru'e muun
Gev! Mhi ru akaani luubid!
Ke diryci kade cuun
Meh chakaare su denui ke'gyce
Meh mhi ramaana ures narser
Alore ven susulu tracy'uure
Mhi an ven cuyi ram'ser

Ibic cuyi kyr'yc akaan...
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