Translation of Kayfoundo Naweea

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Translation of Kayfoundo Naweea

Unread postby Ner Jate'kara » 09 Oct 2017 02:35

Was bored so might as well practice translating, i believe this is all canon mando'a, anyway it's of the huttese song Kayfoundo Naweea and im pasting it from word so structure may look odd. At the end of some lines there may be an extra sound (ah) or a replacement (e=a) to fit rhythm. Also the first line was slightly hard for me to translate from huttese to mando'a so there are to versions. ... made-by-me here is the original

Ogir, teh Rakata ?(Ogir, o'r haatyc(ah)?
Ori'meshla dala
Ti burk'yc surhaai'e (e=a)

Ni jate ora'kar
Gar, k'ulyc, burc'ya
Dala lin'epar surhaai'e (e=a)

Jate'shya solus
Jate'shya waad'geroya
Nu'ni kaysh kih'skraan(i-ah)

Jate'shya solus

Ca'nara par ret'uryce (e=a)
Bal vercopa par gar(ah)
B'ogir slana'pir(ah)

Ori'skraan cuy'gar
Ni burc'ya, k'ulyc
Dala lin'epar surhaai'e (e=a)
lin'epar surhaai'e (e=a)
Shi ner jate'kara
Shi ner jate'kara
Just my luck
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