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Re: List of Custom Words

Unread postPosted: 23 Mar 2017 06:06
by Vlet Hansen
One that hit me tonight as a possibility: Dar'amur, to mean mummification, and dar'amyc for mummified. A mummy could maybe be dar'amad.

My rationale being literally "no longer changing" seems to be a literal description of the process.

Re: List of Custom Words

Unread postPosted: 23 Mar 2017 09:54
by Belandrie Meave
Pardon me if I'm being dense (it's pretty late in this time zone) but what the unholy hell do we need 'mummification' for??
I mean, the etymology makes sense, I just can't see where you'd use it.

Re: List of Custom Words

Unread postPosted: 23 Mar 2017 15:15
by Vlet Hansen
Eh, you never know what you'll find to talk about. I just post words I come up with, not saying they'll be in common use

Re: List of Custom Words

Unread postPosted: 18 Oct 2017 09:34
by Taljair te Mir'ad
You could use it for “stiff”, like “Sir, we stormed the building but the corpses of the hostages were stiff for a long time already”.
But mummys... Doubt that mando culture would have anything like that

Re: List of Custom Words

Unread postPosted: 24 Oct 2017 17:12
by Ge'tal Buy'ce
I doubt more words are ever bad to have. Even if Mandos don't mummify anything themselves, they've probably encountered it in other cultures, and probably assimilated individuals originating from said cultures.

So I've been making some new words in my own thread for a while, but forgot to post them here. Feedback is appreciated.

Burcya'la: friendly. From the root word burc'ya (friend) and the suffix 'la, which as far as I can tell means "like," resulting in a word meaning "like a friend." See also: evaar'la, jare'la, osik'la.

Ke'gyc'an: ordering. Root word ke'gyce (order, command) and the suffix 'an, gerund verb suffix.

Narser'nibrar: to sacrifice, to lose for a purpose. Root words narser (purpose), nibrar (lose, fail). This one could probably use a better contraction, but I couldn't find one that preserved enough of both words to make the etymology clear.

Ne'ru'cuyi: were not. Root word cuyir (to be), negative prefix ne', and past tense prefix ru'.

Oyu: galaxy. Derived root from oyu'baat (universe) and oyula (galactic).

Ru'pirim: used. Root word pirimmur (to use), past tense prefix ru'.

Ru'trattok'or: failed. Root word trattok'or (fail, fall, collapse), past tense prefix ru'.

Val: them. Not a new word, but expanding the current definition (they, theirs) to include another common English form of the same idea.

Vhebesbe: equipment meant for use on solid ground (scout bikes, mobile HQ, earthmovers, etc.). Root words vheh (earth, dust, soil), besbe (slang: kit).