Words i accumulated or invented so far

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Re: Words i accumulated or invented so far

Unread postby Taljair te Mir'ad » 24 Jan 2017 14:15

Tranar comes from slightly modifying Karen's word tranyc, which means sunny. So i just replaced the ending to make a word for light of the sun.
Good point on ruusala. But i was thinking like this. It doesnt nesseserily means gullible. Just trusting. But even in english trusting can be used negatively. "Youre too trusting when it comes to your relatives. One day they will screw you over". I just added gullible to the translation to indicate that its possible to use this word in that context.
Agol'la. As i feel it, the double is needed cause if you make it just agola, that could be heard as "belonging to a body/flesh" (for me). The ful agol and addition of -la makes it something like body-ish. Sorry, dont know if there is analogy in english.
First i determined that kut could mean cloth/fabric. Kute is underwear. So sleep cloth would rather mean blanket then pj's. And i seriously doubt that a nomadic worrior culture would have anything resembling pijamas))
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Re: Words i accumulated or invented so far

Unread postby joh'amur » 16 Mar 2017 22:43

Is there another updated version of the dictionary with the words included in this thread? And having read through this thread, I’d be willing to put it in my Google Drive and host it there.

*Possible words I thought of while translating this into Mando’a*
Cuyar- State, being, by extension version (from Cuyir)
Mi’tsad- Dictionary (from "Miit" and "Tsad")
Slan=absence (from "slanyc")
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Re: Words i accumulated or invented so far

Unread postby Belandrie Meave » 23 Apr 2017 02:53

Stuff that showed up in the course of a translation project:
Coined ‘swoops’ as follows: sen – low + kih – small + diryc – ship = senkih'diryc, swoop-bike.
Coined an adjectival 'own', as in, 'my own two hands': ganyc, from 'ganar', to own, and the adjectival suffix -yc.
'Secrecy', ranov'lur, 'ranov-loor', from 'secret', 'ranov'la', + noun-form ending -ur.
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