Welcome to Learn Mando'a! (Post Here to Introduce Yourself)

Discussion of extensions to the Mando'a core grammar and suggestion of new word roots.
Disclaimer: This is all derivative fan-made material.

Re: Welcome to Learn Mando'a! (Post Here to Introduce Yourse

Unread postby Ruus » 23 Mar 2017 21:43

Welcome! Good to have you.
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Re: Welcome to Learn Mando'a! (Post Here to Introduce Yourse

Unread postby Peakkuum_Kurr » 08 Apr 2017 18:27

Hi, I'm Peakkuum_Kurr. I was always a fan of Boba and Jango Fett. I really liked their armor and did research on and admire the Mandalorian culture especially after reading the Commando Novels. I wanted to learn a fictional language and started out in Quenya but didn't enjoy it due to the grammar rules and over all complexity. After looking on here and seeing that the grammar is rooted from Karen that this site is reliable. I look forward to becoming a more fluent speaker/ writer so I finally decided to join.
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Re: Welcome to Learn Mando'a! (Post Here to Introduce Yourse

Unread postby DiscWarrior » 17 Apr 2017 18:10

Su'cuy ner vode!

I have been a long time user of the online dictionary (mostly while on the go, and not at home), but just recently (in the last couple of days) ventured over here to the forum side. I like what I see on the effort to expand our beloved Mando'a. I hope to utilize this newfound resource to continue to grow my knowledge and use of Mando'a.

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Re: Welcome to Learn Mando'a! (Post Here to Introduce Yourse

Unread postby Aondeug » 24 Apr 2017 06:48

Su'cuy. I tend to go by Aondeug, Aon for short, online. I found the RepComm books a few years back and became very fond of the things. For a variety of reasons, though the language and its relationship with Mando culture is one of the standouts for me. As is the fact that one of the cultural bases used for the Mando'ade were the Celts. I'm a Gaelic polytheist so I do a lot of studying on particularly Irish history, myth, law, folklore, language, and so on. When I first read Hard Contact I went, you know these sound A LOT like the Gaels. Celts in general really, and what do you know. Part of her inspiration were the Celts.

I've used the dictionary here quite a few times and checked up on the guide, but I've yet to really make a solid attempt at learning to communicate in the language. Or with people who are also interested in this sort of thing. So I have finally decided to make an effort at getting to know people. As well as put a more solid effort into learning the language. In part because I want to write poetry in it.
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