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Mando' and Facebook

Unread postPosted: 03 Feb 2014 11:47
by Raeth

So, um, I was spurred into panicked action last night when I notice one of the Mandalorian-related Facebook groups started posting Mando'a language lessons. I feel like we were missing an opportunity to reach a wider audience here at Mando' Honestly, my first thought was, "Hey! That should be us! That is who we are and what WE do!"

So, I am sorry, Adi'karta, for not connecting with you first, but I created a Mando' community page on Facebook.


I hope you will forgive me for rushing ahead like that. I just wanted us to have a presence where we can get the word out about what we do here. It is such a great thing you do for us here, Adi'karta ner vod, that I didn't want to see anyone else take our spot as the biggest Mando'a fans out there. And, I know you talked about want to become something more, about a resource for everyone and everything culturally Mando. So, I just really hope this is a step in that direction.


I would like to see on our Facebook page little daily lessons, chats in Mando'a, Mando'a quotes, and other fun, interesting pieces of information on Mando culture. And, of course, I hope we can bring many more people HERE, so that our own little aliit grows in numbers and strength, and thus as we grow so, too, does Mando'a and Mando'a usage.

So, I hope you are OK with this new direction and won't be too mad at me. Oya Manda! Vode an darasuum!

Re: Mando' and Facebook

Unread postPosted: 05 Feb 2014 18:59
by Adi'karta
No problem, vod. You did a good thing. I think possibly at least Cuyan any myself (in addition to you, of course -- your enthusiasm will do good for keeping the page updated/active) should be granted moderator/admin privileges over the Facebook page. Cuyan has a lot of ideas for a unifying brand, and I think we should follow his lead there, as well as leverage your great new logo (if you're up for that). We should definitely hash out these plans together.

I can talk more detail later; right now I'm at work and just had an inkling that I should check the forum (I am, yet again, not receiving email notifications when anyone here makes a thread or post, or sends me a PM). One of the failings of this forum being run on PHP is there's no such thing as cron tasks for the notification emails -- it sends emails when the next visitor shows up on the index page, and uses their webserver process to run the task queue. This works fine for busybusy forums, but not so much for small ones like ours.

Re: Mando' and Facebook

Unread postPosted: 05 Feb 2014 23:10
by Raeth
Ah, I am relieved you are good with things, Adi'karta.

Cuyan and I are already in discussions about where to take the logo and other 'branding', heh heh. We're going to start bouncing ideas and files back and forth hopefully tonight. As for myself, yes, please, feel free to use anything I put up here. I don't "own" any of it. I think the only thing I would ever be ruffled about is if someone took something I made and started claiming it as their own work. But as for using it, wearing it, changing it, modifying it, printing it, or whatever, go ahead. I want to share these things with ner vode!

As for Admin privileges, posting, and all that, I just need to know what accounts (Facebook, Twitter, and soon Youtube) you want me to grant that access to. Twitter, come to think of it, is its own account, so I think I can just give you the sign-in info for that. Facebook is the one where I would extend admin privileges. If I could ask a couple of humble favors in regards to the Facebook page, it would be this:

- I have already started a couple of 'regular' lesson series posts (one based on the days of the week, the other called Iviin'yc Mando'a (i.e., Quick Mando'a). I would love to continue writing those and maintaining them myself (open to suggestions for future lessons, of course!). The reason I ask this is for maintaining continuity of those lessons and avoiding accidental repetition or duplication.

Other than that, one of the big goals of all social media platforms where I'd like to see us expand is to bring more traffic to this website (and maybe enough to justify a full-fledged website). So, maybe you won't have just a 'small one' of a site much longer, ner vod!

Re: Mando' and Facebook

Unread postPosted: 06 Feb 2014 06:54
by Adi'karta
For the Facebook page, if I had thought to start one, lessons would definitely be on my list of things to post. I am however busy with such a variety of things that adding another daily obligation might cause an aneurysm. :P

As a result I would definitely be looking to delegate that task, and since you've demonstrated interest and aptitude, I'd say keep it up. If anyone else would like to contribute lessons or ideas for specific lessons, please direct them to Raeth for the time being. Raeth, please give any input from interested parties your consideration. If anyone has any questions or concerns or ideas, feel free to post them here or message me or Raeth.