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Read and understand these rules before posting in this forum:

  • If you are a newly-registered user, you are required to make one post in the Welcome Forum before you can post anywhere else.

  • Do not ever post anything more than links to Karen Traviss' Mando'a files. Original material is acceptable, such as tutorials and commentary -- which is the whole point of this forum -- but directly copying copyrighted material is just asking for trouble. Copy it for personal use, but please don't share it publicly.

  • This is not a forum aimed at children, but we do not wish to discourage younger fans from joining. Please keep content relatively PG-rated. No pornography or explicit discussion will be tolerated on the public forum. The occasional joke, and anything in the interest of broadening the scope of the Mando'a language (such as coining euphemisms like agol'bevik) are allowed and encouraged.

  • While the translator may be given the "OK" by Lucasfilm, this forum and its contents will remain free of any unauthorized material, including direct copies of any published material that has not received explicit copyright approval, or is not within the fair use guidelines under copyright law. If I or another admin or moderator on these forums believes your use is not fair use, we will tell you, and will ask you to please correct the error, removing the offending material until such approval is gained.

  • We may or may not end up creating entirely new word stems, based on need. We will keep a recorded list of all such words, and will heavily debate them until we think they are ready. If Lucasfilm or any subsidiaries release an official word that takes the place of one of our created words, we will drop ours and accept the canon, in the interests of maintaining canon-accuracy and legality of use.

MsLanna and myself reserve the right to change any of these rules without prior notice and also reserve the right to make judgement calls when something falls into a "grey-area." When such changes and decisions are made, an appropriate announcement will be made on the Announcements forum to alert everyone.

Please follow these rules, and just generally use good judgement, and everyone will get along just fine. The occasional bar-fight is to be expected, though. After all -- we are Mandos!
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