New fanfilm

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New fanfilm

Unread postby Vlet Hansen » 26 Oct 2015 15:49

Not sure where this really goes in the forum, but this recently came out. I was pleasantly surprised to find they properly committed to Mando'a in character, which is something fanfilms were sorely lacking in my opinion.
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Re: New fanfilm

Unread postby Adi'karta » 31 Oct 2015 06:54

Wayii! Not the best fan film I've ever seen, but very good -- the fact that they used Mando'a added some great colour. The biggest issue for me was the armour was from the wrong era; their kits were all Modern era, whereas Kotor took place during the Neo-Crusader era, so if anything they should have either been NC armour or Crusader-inspired.
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