Brief Downtime Expected Friday 14 February 2014 8PM MST

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Brief Downtime Expected Friday 14 February 2014 8PM MST

Unread postby Adi'karta » 13 Feb 2014 22:07

My hosting provider has notified me of an impending 15-30 minutes of downtime expected to occur between 2014-02-14 2000 MST and 2014-02-15 0400 MST. They will be upgrading the servers and since I don't pay for "five nines" level of service (99.99999% uptime), 15-30 minutes of planned downtime every few years is acceptable.

To clarify:

Time Zone Name GMT Offset From Date/Time (Localized) To Date/Time (Localized)
Pacific GMT -8:00 2014-02-14 1900 2014-02-15 0300
Mountain GMT -7:00 2014-02-14 2000 2014-02-15 0400
Central GMT -6:00 2014-02-14 2100 2014-02-15 0500
Eastern GMT -5:00 2014-02-14 2200 2014-02-15 0600
Greenwich GMT +/-0:00 2014-02-15 0300 2014-02-15 1100

If this causes any problems, please feel free to email me at admin [at] mandoa [dot] org with a description of what happened and how I can help fix it.

If you're planning on posting during that target timeframe, write your post in a notepad or something and copy-paste it into the box in case the server goes down while you're posting and it never hits the database.

I apologize for the inconvenience.
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