Downtime Apology -- and Surprise! New Features

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Downtime Apology -- and Surprise! New Features

Unread postby Adi'karta » 11 Jan 2014 21:28

I was experiencing some moderation and administration issues, and was forced to reinstall the forum software from scratch. This process took a couple of hours of troubleshooting and installing and bugfixing to complete (from about 11:30 CST to 14:30 CST today, Saturday 11 January 2014). To anyone who experienced an inability to access the forum during this time, I deeply apologize for the inconvenience. Hopefully now that the bugs have been resolved, the forum will be more stable for even longer. I have to take it easy on installing mods and stuff. :)

On the bright side, I have spent some time putting together some old/new features.

The "oldmando" and "newmando" fonts now work again (I'm still trying to fix the "phonetic" and "unicodeipa"ones).

In addition, there is now support for adding tables into posts, using the [ table], [ tr], [ th], and [ td] BBCode tags. Their use is just like that of HTML tables:

Code: Select all
[tr][th]Column 1 Header[/th][th]Column 2 Header[/th][th]Column 3 Header[/th][/tr]
[tr][td]Column 1 Row 1[/td][td]Column 2 Row 1[/td][td]Column 3 Row 1[/td][/tr]

This results in the following:

Column 1 Header Column 2 Header Column 3 Header
Column 1 Row 1 Column 2 Row 1 Column 3 Row 1

I'm working on figuring out a nicer authoring experience (some kind of table wizard or autocomplete buttons), but for now, you'll be stuck hand-coding your tables. :P

I'll be working on I finished the IPA fonts -- use the new "ipa" tag (for discussion of phonetics), and after that I'll try extending the translator a bit; I hope to knock a few items off my to-do list for the translator (it keeps getting longer!).

Here's the IPA font in action: ɮðæʔəθʒʃt͡ʃ (Yes, it's just nonsense here; I'm not trying to write anything meaningful.)
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