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Translator Site Update

Unread postby Adi'karta » 30 Jul 2013 22:43


I have just published a complete rebuild of the translator site from the ground up. It is no doubt a sudden shock to some of our more frequent users, and to you, I apologize for the suddenness of the transition. I hope the change is welcome, and that the new translator serves you well.

The old translator used up much more bandwidth on my hosting account, as well as exposing numerous security vulnerabilities over the years it's been running (since 21 January 2011!). I learned my lessons, did my research, and built a much more stable and robust translator web app.

The new translator is more flexible, and functions better on mobile devices than the old one did (there are still a few bugs I'm working out on older Android devices). It has an app-like layout for mobile devices which is designed to save screen space, maximizing the room for content, and making it easier to read and navigate.

You may notice what might feel like a slight lag when entering queries on the new translator. That is a feature, not a bug. It now waits until you have stopped typing for half a second before it submits your search query. This will save bandwidth for both you as users (important on mobile devices), and me as the service provider. In the future I will be making small tweaks to the functionality of the translator to make it feel faster and lighter, and use less bandwidth. I also have detailed plans to extend the translator with even more functionality (like sorting results by relevance), as well as adding new sections to the app to deal with actually teaching Mando'a (grammar, counting, colours), among other things.

I have a roadmap of planned features for the translator, and I will be working on them in my spare time in-between other projects.

The text transcription tool also received a complete overhaul, enabling you to select which of the two Mandalorian fonts you wish to transcribe in (my very first feature request -- sorry it's so late!), and allowing (on full-fledged computers and high-resolution mobile devices) the ability to style the text and export it as an image for offline use.

If you have any questions, ideas, or concerns, please message me here on the forum, or email me at <admin[at]mandoa[dot]org>

If there is enough interest in discussing feature requests as a community, feel free to open a thread.

From the first day of activity (21 January 2011) through today (30 July 2013), the translator has received 240,013 pageviews among 102,199 visits from 37,392 unique visitors! We currently average around 240 pageviews per day.

Here's to another 240,000 pageviews!

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