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Re: Welcome to Learn Mando'a! (Post Here to Introduce Yourse

Unread postby Meshurika » 20 Nov 2017 14:30

Su'cuy anade! I have been a Star Wars fan for a while now, and I love learning languages and stuff for fun, so when I found out about Mando'a, I was hooked. I'm doing some Mando'a courses on Memrise, but you know what would be awesome? A MANDO'A DUOLINGO COURSE!! :) Sometimes I speak it out loud to others, but mostly I just speak it to myself because I'm the only person I know irl that speaks Mando'a.
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Re: Welcome to Learn Mando'a! (Post Here to Introduce Yourse

Unread postby Mij Ret'lini » 14 Dec 2017 19:58

Hi, all.
I've studied Mando'a since first reading the RC series by Karen Traviss.
I'm constantly translating things for my friends & family into Mando'a, particularly my younger brother.
Still figuring out the armor color scheme & design so I don't have that yet.
My favorite phrase in both English & Mando'a:
"Ret'lini ven cuyir jate."
"Plan B better be good."
Mij Ret'lini
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Re: Welcome to Learn Mando'a! (Post Here to Introduce Yourse

Unread postby yatenari » 28 Dec 2017 12:38

Hello there ;)

English is not my first language, even though I am confident enough in my usage of it. My first language is actually German, so, concerning Mando'a, I am naturally inclined to 'speak' it more like it is written (rendering an ee as a double 'eh' or a long 'eh' instead of a 'i' sound), thus I probably would speak a very strange accent of Mando'a ... well, I guess in a whole galaxy, there would be a lot of accents - even more considering that there are also a lot of different species involved.

I'm a general language enthusiast - which was part of the reason I liked the RC books (I've been conlanging on and off for ages, both with learning fictional languages and creating my own, and whenever I find one that naturally integrates itself in a setting, I instantly get hooked). While I know some words in Mando'a, my biggest interest really is the grammar and structure of it. It's part of the reason I finally decided to actually register on this forum - while exploring things on my own is nice and all, discussing some aspects would be more rewarding. Especially since there are certainly things I wouldn't even think of.

I am trying my hand at creating a lexicon for Mando'a considering interlinear parsing (thus venturing quite deeply into word structures), yet since I have to type in everything by hand it is very slow in taking form, and even slower since I need to find rules to certain things and put them in a way the parser can understand. The goal is to have a lexicon from which a dictionary can be created (using the main forms of words) and which can be used as basis for the parser, so it would correctly interpret a Mando'a sentence.
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Re: Welcome to Learn Mando'a! (Post Here to Introduce Yourse

Unread postby Ge'tal Alii'gai » 05 Jan 2018 19:29

Hello, everyone!

I've been into Mando'a off and on since 2009 or so, it's about time I start doing something with it and hopefully get some degree of fluency. Not there yet, but I can translate. Judging by my past attempts at translating into Latin, though, that may be a bit optimistic.
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Ge'tal Alii'gai
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Re: Welcome to Learn Mando'a! (Post Here to Introduce Yourse

Unread postby An'jy » 10 Jan 2018 19:34

Su'cuy vode,
I'm delighted to see this forum is still active. I played the Republic Commando game years ago and have read the books several times since then. Currrently I have embarked on reading "Bloodlines" and when I came upon Boba Fett not speaking Mando'a I didn't want to have THAT in common. Like most Mando women I have raised kids as warriors and now that they have (almost) left home, I try to follow a route of my own, a bit of bounty hunting, house keeping for runaway clones, keeping an eye on the war aka football (Bundesliga and Ligue1) and so on.
I hope I'll be able to brush up my Mando'a here a bit.
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Re: Welcome to Learn Mando'a! (Post Here to Introduce Yourse

Unread postby Rivermoon » 23 Jan 2018 01:16

Hello all.

I started learning Mando'a a long time ago. Hoping to relearn and pick up where I had left off. I think I will start from scratch. I am actually currently part of my local state's clan as a cadet.
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Re: Welcome to Learn Mando'a! (Post Here to Introduce Yourse

Unread postby JaxPax » 30 Jan 2018 07:37

Hello everyone!

I'm Jax. I think I should start by saying that english is not my mother tongue, and although I consider myself fluent in english I sometimes still make mistakes.
I'm new to learning Mando'a and I'm looking forward to learning even more.
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